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Copper Infused Mattress Protectors

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You can get waterproof mattress protectors just about anywhere but Ionic Sleep has an added features the others just don't have - Copper! Copper naturally destroys a lot of harmful microbes and bacteria including E-coli, various fungi and numerous other bacteria. When bonded with textiles copper ions can inhibit the growth of these bacteira and microbes thus preventing odors from developing. Hospitals are now starting a major trend of replacing the old linens and mattress protectors with copper infused ones to help battle the cross contamination that is a major concern in hospitals across the globe.

Most mattress protectors also have less breath-ability and have been known to sleep hot. Copper is also well known to disperse heat like in copper pipes. Copper is also effective as an anti-inflammatory agent which can help with aching joints and osteoporosis.