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About Us

About Arizona Premium Mattress aka Arizona Premium Mattress Co., is a manufacturer of first quality natural Dunlop and both natural and blended Talalay latex foam mattresses. From our mattress factory located in Phoenix, AZ we manufacture each and every latex mattress with extreme care and precision. Our quality control is second to none. For that reason our delivery times may take a little longer than others but rest assured, the quality is worth waiting for.

Our website was established in 1997 and we literally pioneered marketing mattresses online and were laughed at in the beginning by industry peers. Those very peers have now become our competition trying to mimic everything we do. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our website, service and product pricing.

Purchasing factory direct from the actual manufacturer gives you a tremendous savings advantage. Eliminate the middle man and you save almost 50%. Huge store markups and the fat sales commissions are paid out on latex and memory foam mattresses. Specialty beds come with specialty prices.

So if you found a name brand latex mattress that you really liked, but not the price, you will save hundreds - if not thousands of dollars purchasing one of our similar models directly from Arizona Premium Mattress Company.

Latex and Memory Foam mattresses provide a pressure free sleep and are the top sellers from well known makers such as Tempur-pedic, Serta, Sealy, and Simmons mattress companies. Latex foam, however, will provide a toxic free sleeping environment. Most memory foam mattresses come with a nasty chemical smell that will decrease over time but nonetheless is ever present.

We hand make gorgeous latex beds of comparable or higher quality than the brand names - but sell factory direct at a DISCOUNT that will give you a great night’s sleep in more ways than one.