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Looking to Buy A Latex Mattress? Read First

Looking to Buy a Latex Mattress or Latex Mattress Topper? Who do YOU Trust?

Our website is one of if not the oldest website to sell latex mattresses and latex mattress toppers online so the information you are about to read is highly credible and based on facts, not speculation.

Latex Mattresses Explained

First let's talk about prices, latex mattresses are much like computers in many regards. There are only a handful of manufacturers making the components used inside a latex mattress. When you can match up components you can match up price comparisons. Now let's look at what makes up a latex mattress.

As most of you reading this already know there are two types of latex processes, Talalay and Dunlop. Both are made with a purpose and what's good for one person might not be the best choice for another so let's break it down. Talalay latex uses less latex and more air making it more conforming to ones body curves, that makes it a much better choice for side sleepers or those experiencing severe pressure points. It comes in a variety of firmness choices which vary from ultra cushy to as firm as a board.

Dunlop latex consists of more latex and less air making it more dense and a better choice for heavier people and those who sleep mostly on their backs. It's also heavier in weight than the equivalent Talalay firmness. So what does this all mean? It means there is no bad latex just perhaps the wrong latex for your body type. That's why you need to put yourself in the hands of a professional sleep expert who specializes in latex foam mattresses.

Talalay latex is made by one of two manufacturers, Talalay Global (aka Latex International) in Connecticut and Radium Foam in the Netherlands. The Chinese have recently entered the market with Talalay pillows but I will never buy them so to us they are a non factor. Here at our latex mattress factory we buy from both companies because both are excellent at what they do, talalay processed latex. Because we buy from both we can always guarantee our customers will get the best prices possible.

Dunlop latex is a much older process and less sophisticated so there are many more suppliers worldwide than with Talalay latex. Over the last 15 years we have narrowed down our dunlop suppliers to two who we feel are without a doubt, the best. The first is Latex Green from Sri Lanka who we use both their all natural dunlop and their certified organic dunlop in our mattress designs. They are hands down the finest dunlop producers to our knowledge. We also carry Latexco of Belgium products specifically their DIY cores, toppers and latex pillows. All their products offer extreme value and quality.

How to Choose My Latex Mattress?

Over the years of talking to thousands of individuals and configuring our models for their needs we have developed a pretty good sense of what works for different folks. The short heavy centered person needs something completely different than their tall thin partner. The beauty of buying from us is that we can configure one mattress that works for both of them. I know many of you out there have been trying to figure this out on your own now for weeks if not months. My suggestion to you is STOP. You are now experiencing information overload and the best thing you can do is just give us a call and let us help. There is simply too much mis-information out there for you to decipher through what's true and what's false and believe me there is a lot of false info online.

Natural or Blended Latex?

Here's where a lot of you get stuck. One website says stay away from anything that's not all natural and another says there is nothing wrong with blended. Guess what? There is nothing wrong with blended latex. It's stronger, lasts longer and has a 50+ year track record and not so much as a rash from consumers. So what's bad about that? Nothing, they are just trying to scare you into buying a more expensive product, natural or some call it botanical latex. Nothing wrong with natural latex either, it just costs more and here's why.

Latex is liquid and flows through tubes into the molds they are being poured into. Latex blends flow smooth and have little coagulation whereas natural latex coagulates at a much faster rate causing a complete production line shutdown to allow a clean-out. Downtime costs money and thus the increase in price. At certain times of the year natural rubber is actually cheaper than synthetic rubber if you can believe that. Natural latex does have a slightly different feel but to me the difference is almost undetectable and what you gain in feel you lose in durability. Both are completely non-toxic despite what you may read elsewhere. All of our suppliers are Oeko-Tex 100 certified to be free of harmful chemicals. Bottom line, both products are better than the alternative solutions like memory foam, spring beds or air beds. You'll find a more detailed explanation at the latex foam website.

Being a child of the 70's and from the Bay Area it was almost a right of passage to sleep on a waterbed since that's where the craze started. I loved my waterbed because of how it conformed to my body. Being very athletic and involved in high school and college sports I always had sore muscles and the waterbed seemed to allow me to recuperate much faster. Then I got married and the waterbed thing wasn't so great when two people were on it. That's when I discovered latex mattresses. Conforming like a waterbed, cool to sleep on and NO WAVES! Problem was I couldn't get them in 1978 because they were no longer available in the U.S. due to fire destroying the only supplier in the country. I had to wait until 1997 to finally get one and it was everything I remembered it to be and to this date that's what we specialize in, latex foam mattresses because there simply is nothing better on the planet.

This all takes us back to prices. Why buy from us? Simple, highest quality latex from around the world at the most affordable prices anywhere. Experience and warranties to back it up. Find the component compositions you like best and we can duplicate it at a much lower price. It's our mission to bring these wonderful mattresses made with Oeko-Tex 100 certified latex into as many homes as we can. To do that they have to be affordable for the masses that's why we operate on a much lower markup than our competitors. That's why WE don't blast the internet with paid advertising like many of our competitors. We would rather build relationships with our customers and get referrals than to spend money trying to attract customers. This has paid off for us thus keeping our prices down to the bone. Why do you think Tempurpedic costs so much? It's because of all the advertising their customers end up paying for with inflated prices.

In conclusion there is simply no better value proposition than a latex foam mattress if bought right. Comfortable, long lasting, free of harmful chemicals and cool. We bring the best prices for the highest quality latex mattresses anywhere. Call for us for a consultation, what have you got to lose it's toll free. 888-773-7326

By Ken Hightower