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Replacement Mattress Covers

Replacement Mattress Covers

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Replacement Mattress Covers for Latex - Memory Foam - Waterbeds

Is your zippered mattress cover shot? Well we've got good news for you. We are now offering our top of the line bamboo/wool and organic cotton zippered covers as direct replacement for your existing mattress cover. Covers are designed single sided and not to be flipped as are most zippered covers.

These are designed for our best selling latex mattresses however will fit all standard size memory foam, air beds and soft sided waterbeds as well. Although wool is a natural fire barrier and our covers are approved for use in all of our pre-configured models including full latex and hybrids with springs and latex, they have not been tested and approved for use in post-July 1st 2007 mattress designs which is when the new federal fire laws took effect. That being said you must agree when purchasing to the following disclaimer-

***I have read and understand that the approved use for these replacement mattress covers is on pre-configured Arizona Premium Mattress models including full latex and hybrids with springs and latex mattress designs and pre-July 1st 2007 mattress designs that utilize a zippered cover. I agree that using them on any other type mattress I do so at my own risk knowing that they have not been tested and do NOT hold liable Arizona Premium Mattress Company for any damages caused by fire from the unapproved usage of these replacement mattress covers***

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way let's talk more about the design and uses for our replacement mattress covers. Look, we know that stuff happens. Pets can urinate on your mattress, drinks and other liquids can spill, zippers can break and movers can damage your zippered mattress cover. These covers are not waterproof and cannot be washed, spot clean only or you could shrink the cover. We've found that most companies will charge very large fees for a factory replacement cover. We also know that the components we use in our mattress covers are often superior than the factory mattress covers and offer even a greater value. All covers are made on site here at our Phoenix, AZ mattress factory.

3 inch natural latex mattress pad

Bamboo Replacement Mattress Cover

This cover comes with a stretch knit bamboo fabric quilted to over an inch of all natural New Zealand Joma Wool. Wool helps wick away moisture and is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Works best on a latex mattress but also on memory foam, waterbeds and air beds and spring based mattresses. The zipper is the strongest in its class made with Teflon and zips around all four corners making it easy to assemble. If you have 8" of materials to go inside the cover then you will order an 8" cover. The finished height will be about an inch higher because of the quilting. These covers come in all conventional sizes and heights of 6", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", etc.

Organic Cotton Replacement Mattress Cover

Features are the same as above but with organic cotton fabric and quilted to pre-compressed natural wool for a thinner look and feel. Puts you closer to the latex or foam. Even the quilt backing is made with organic cotton making this the perfect choice for the most natural replacement mattress cover on the market.

Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

All our mattress covers are guaranteed to be first quality and free of manufacturing defects however we do not offer a warranty on these items because we cannot control the environment in which they are used. Improper use can cause the zippers to break so use common sense, never force the zipper but rather compress the foam to allow an easy zip on. These covers are built to last for 20+ years and hand made so please allow 2 - 3 weeks for production lead time. Because we use wool you should not machine wash or you could easily shrink the wool. Spot clean only and air dry!

By Ken Hightower