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Wood Foundations

Wood Foundations

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All Wood KD Foundation with SHIPPING INCLUDED!


Introducing our "All New Design" state-of-the-art collapsible mattress foundation that is easy to move in and out of your home, and stronger than the old traditional models. Our industry standard 8-inch profile is made from solid Spruce or Fir, requires only 6 carriage bolts, and can be fully assembled in less than 10 minutes. With a simple, unique design, the entire foundation fits in a box that measures only 80" x 10" x 10"! Made in Phoenix, AZ

wood foundation for foam mattress

Here's what's new about this design -

Old slat size = 2" NEW slat size = 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inches (finished size can vary from mill to mill.

wood foundation slats

Old slat gap = 3 1/4 - 3 1/2 NEW slat gap under 3" inches! Gap can vary a bit depending on where the slats are sourced but rest assured it's more than adequate for any type of foam mattress. wood foundation slat spacing

If your wood foundation is going to permanently installed then we suggest securing the loose fitting slats with wood screws as pictured below (1 1/4" drywall screws work great). It's not necessary because the weight of the mattress keeps everything in place but it will provide a slightly more stable foundation. This is not advised if you move often. latex mattress foundation

Old foundation cover - generic velour NEW foundation cover will match the mattress you buy from us. Otherwise it will be quilted bamboo fabric. Now your wood foundation can match your latex mattress.


* 15 minutes approximate assembly time * No additional tools required * Ships via UPS or similar carrier * Easy to disassemble and store * Can transport in a minivan or SUV * Fits into attics, town homes, and Cape Cods * Higher quality wood means better performance and durability

Assembling the wood foundation is simple

Step 1 is connecting the side rails. Lay the side rails and one end beam on the floor. Line-up both side rails with the channels on the end beam. Insert the bolts through the hols on both corners of the end beam and tighten.

Wood Foundation
Step 2 is placing the center rail through the middle of the end beam. (There are no bolts necessary to secure this rail to the end beam.) Then insert two bolts through the holes found on both outside corners of the end beam and tighten.

Wood Foundation

Step 3 is positioning the slats. Simply place the roll of slats on the top of the wooden structure at one end. Set the first slat into the pegs on each side and unroll the slats across the top of the foundation. Set the last slat into the other end pegs. Spacer webbing should be up.(You may have to pull tight to get the slats snug). Wood Foundation

Step 4, the final step, is putting the cover on the foundation. Slip the cover over the corner edges of the foundation with the fabric out. Tuck the excess under or use hand stapler to secure to wood. Wood Foundation

It's that simple!

By Ken Hightower