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Latex Mattress FAQ

Latex Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get into the FAQ's let me just state some known facts:

First - there is no such thing as Free Shipping! Last I checked UPS was NOT delivering packages free of charge. Other companies that offer free shipping are simply adding to the cost of the product. How this works is they take the highest rate and charge everyone no matter of your proximity to the vendor. That cost is then just added to the price. We charge exactly what UPS charges us so the closer you are to us the less expensive the shipping. So if you live in California you pay much less than someone on the East Coast.

Second - because we offer so many styles and configurations it takes us longer than other cookie cutter operations to produce each mattress. Everything is cut by hand to insure exact sizing to your specifications. We are a mattress factory and as such have no handcuffs on our designs making each mattress customizable for the customer. We are not a take it or leave it operation, we work with each customer to configure a bed that is best suited for each partner. To do this just takes extra time. We normally can fabricate your mattress in 2-3 weeks however we do experience high volume months like Nov - Dec and things may take a little longer to produce. If you are in a big hurry we are probably not the company for you. Pillows and toppers are normally shipped quite fast however.

BBB® A Rating

QUESTION: Since I am out of state and can't lay on them, how do I know what they feel like?

ANSWER: We offer specifications for each mattress on the site. Your local store should have several different brands that will come close to matching these specifications and feel. Simply print out the page or pages of the models that interest you and take it with you to compare specs.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to ship?

ANSWER: Shipping varies depending on your proximity to Phoenix. The farther you are the more it will cost. Exact shipping costs are calculated during checkout. Most of our latex mattresses can be shrink wrapped and shipped via UPS for a much lower cost. Our best selling model, the Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Mattress, is designed to ship via UPS as well. See web site for other models. We no longer offer Motor Freight shipping as we have found no carrier that can responsibly handle a heavy latex mattress. Our models are all designed now to ship via UPS with the exception of our Ultra Plush which we do NOT ship out of state.

QUESTION: Why is it cheaper to buy the individual components vs buying our pre-configured models?

ANSWER: NO REFUNDS on Components, only comfort exchanges are allowed except for replacement mattress covers which there are no returns allowed. Components that equal a complete mattress are still components. If you think you need the assurance of being able to return for refund then get one of our pre-configured models like the Adjustable Ultra Plush Latex Mattress or Ultimate Hybrid

QUESTION: Is there sales tax?

ANSWER: There is no sales tax on shipments made outside the state of Arizona. This savings often covers most of the shipping charges!

QUESTION: What if I get it and I don't like it?

ANSWER: Send it back within 60 days for a full refund less all shipping charges applicable on complete mattress purchases only. Individually purchased latex toppers, pillows and cores are not returnable! A firmness exchange is allowed for toppers and cores only and you will only pay for the shipping charges to do so. Must be within 60 days of receipt.

QUESTION: Will UPS also set up the mattress set?

ANSWER: No, however we have videos that show how easy these are to setup and can be done by just one person although it's much easier with two.

QUESTION: I'm having trouble getting the zip cover to fit, how do I fix it?

ANSWER: All our zip covers are produced using industry standard sizes and molds so there is literally no room for error. If you are having trouble getting them to fit then please watch the video below to clear up any issues you may be having -

Certificate of Warranty

This article is guaranteed to the original purchaser only, against defect in materials (other than covering materials) and workmanship, for the period designated below. Any alterations shall void this warranty.

____  5 years-limited; 1 year non-prorated.
____ 10 years-limited; 3 years non-prorated.
____15 years-limited; 5 years non-prorated.
____20 years-limited; 10 years non-prorated.

Should this article fail to meet the provisions of this guarantee, the purchaser may return it to the original vendor or the factory at the purchaser’s expense and the guarantor will either repair or replace the article at guarantor’s option at a price equal to 1/5, 1/10, 1/15, or 1,20 of the price paid, whichever is applicable to the warranty period corresponding to the product purchased, times the number of years of service, should the product have been in service beyond the non-prorated period. Should the article fail to meet the provisions apply, except that the repair or replacement will be done at no charge to the purchaser.

I either case, repaired or replaced article shall be returned to purchaser at purchaser’s expense.

  1. The warranty is effective whether the mattress is purchased separately, or with a matching foundation.
  2. Foundations must be supported by three bed slats on a cross-based frame. A frame must have a minimum of 4 legs, glides, or rollers on twin and full size; five on queens, and six on kings.
  3. Warranty is void if the mattress and/or foundation has been burned, damaged or otherwise abused.
  4. Body depressions are normal and are not considered structural failure unless they exceed 1”, nor are bent border wires resulting from improper handling or use in the consumer’s home. “Too hard” or “too soft” is a judgment not warranteed.
  5. Upon inspection, any article found to be in an unsanitary condition will not be repaired or replaced and the warranty will be considered null and void.
  6. Warranty is void if any labels are removed.
  7. Repair or replacement is at the option of Arizona Premium Mattress Co.
  8. Proof of original purchase must be verified with sales receipt. Note: this warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

This warranty and any implied warranties granted by law are limited to the number of years designated by the box checked above, commencing from the date of purchase. In no even shall vendor be liable for incidental or consequential damages, whether arising from warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability.

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