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All Natural Pain Relief and Sleep Aid

Verum Gold CBD

CBD oils and tinctures are proven to be very effective at relieving pain, anxiety, stress, muscle spasms, tumor growth, seizures and much more including sleep aid. But did you know that the products on the market have very little absorption capability and yet are still very effective? Verum Gold CBD Verum Gold has the highest recorded Bioavailability (90% in the bloodstream); up to 20-times more bioavailable than common or conventional CBD and Hemp oils because it's the only product on the market that is water soluble. Last I checked oil and water don't mix very well which is why the patented delivery mechanism is so effective. It has the lowest "EFFECTIVE COST" per CBD milligram (44/Retail) in the marketplace.

This product contains no THC which means it's perfectly legal in any workplace. To learn more about this exciting new product visit GetCBD

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