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Latex Mattress Comparisons

Latex Mattress Comparisons

See how our latex mattresses compare to the other online brands.

Before I get started on the latex mattress comparisons I thinks it's important for you to know that most of the latex mattresses you will find on Amazon are NOT the same thing that we make here. Our mattresses are built to last and without the use of chemically treated fire barriers. There simply is no weak component in our designs. Many of the ones you see hide the fact that the construction only uses 2-3" of actual latex over much less expensive poly foam. New terminology I see being used is the phrase "engineered latex" which is nothing more than poly foam that is supposed to feel like latex but not actual latex.

20 Years Online Equals Experience and Trust

Our 20 years experience selling latex mattresses online comes with our initial trial and error testing and through the years we have eliminated the pitfalls that these new companies selling primarily on Amazon are yet to experience. The sad thing is the customers are going to start seeing the same things we found over a decade ago and what was to be a positive experience will quickly become a negative one once the sagging body impressions start to develop in those inferior designs. We refuse to compromise our quality just to hit a magic price point. Furthermore, did you know that Amazon takes 15% of the sale for itself? How much quality materials do you think these companies can put into the mattresses and still hit those price points and pay Amazon?

One of the key factors that make our prices better than anyone else is our overhead costs. Coming from the Bay Area in California I know what the cost of rent, utilities and labor can do to your selling price because it's so much higher there than other parts of the country. Phoenix, Arizona is well known to have a much lower cost of living than most parts of the country which is a major factor in why our prices are so much lower than other companies selling virtually the same products.

Organic Latex Mattresses - Savvy Rest Serenity vs. Ours

I am constantly amused how well known mattress companies abuse the use of the term "organic" in their marketing. Let me be quite clear "All Natural" does not make it "Organic"! Seems very little is actually organic these days. Also, when you see the term GOTS Certified it is only referencing the textiles used in the cover, NOT the latex. GOLS is the certification for pure organic latex which is what you find in our organic latex mattress. See the Savvy Rest specs below and be your own judge:

The Serenity is made of three 3 layers of all-natural (not organic)Dunlop and/or Talalay natural (again not organic) latex, in personalized combinations of Soft, Medium and/or Firm. The sturdy organic cotton casing has organic wool batting quilted inside. The wool fill promotes a cooler, drier environment and more comfortable sleep. The Savvy Rest Organic casing closes with a strong brass zipper.

Customized firmness for each individual Customized on each side for couples (Queen, King, California King only) Custom sizes available, any dimension or shape Place on rigid, slatted foundation or platform bed Total height: 10"

So analyzing these specs it proves that less than 5% of the mattress is actually organic materials and that would be the organic wool batting and casing. Our Organic Mattress on the other hand uses over 95% GOLS Certified Organic Materials (Latex) in our construction starting with the 6 inch latex core and 2 or 3" latex topper. Our casing is also organic cotton. Our price for a Queen size is $1695, the Savvy Rest Serenity model is $3099 per their website. So the choice is 95% organic for $1695 or 5% organic for $3099, again the choice seems obvious. Our design is also configurable in soft, medium or firm for each person. We are not saying there is anything wrong with natural latex in fact most of our mattresses sold are natural latex. What we are saying is call them what they are - Natural Latex Mattresses - Not Organic Latex Mattresses.

My other favorite from Plushbeds is their statement - No Glue or Glued Layers. I find that to be a complete lie or they have no clue what it is they are selling. Talalay latex does not come in King size. Anything King size must either be in two pieces (twinXL), which according to their website is one layer only, and that can only mean that two pieces HAVE been glued together. Furthermore, let's talk about California King size. Cal. Kings are 84" long so if all latex molds are only 80" long which they are, how the hell can you make Cal. King without glue? Come on people, all I'm asking for is a little truth in advertising.

So how can we sell our latex mattresses for so much less than our competition? Answer - experience, overhead, relationships with our suppliers and buying power. Our suppliers know our commitment to the latex mattress industry and do everything possible to insure our success because our success is their success. We don't offer hundreds of different models and styles. We keep it basic and affordable. Our main objective here at Arizona Premium Mattress is to reduce bedroom toxins but at a price most folks can afford. With the knowledge we have of the direction the mattress industry is headed, we feel it's our duty to offer a safer and more eco friendly alternative to what's become the default.

Everyone knows that the liver is responsible for detoxing our body but with all the environmental concerns and the lack of good nutrition our livers are becoming overtaxed and simply cannot filter out everything. Burying your face in a chemical based pillow and then mattress is only making things more difficult. These are things we can control with proper education. Our products will help to relieve that extra burden on your liver by offering a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment for you and your children. Add to it a conscious effort to enhance nutrition and your quality of life can improve greatly.

By Ken Hightower