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All Natural Talalay Latex Core

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This is by far the most advanced latex you'll find anywhere. Not only is it truly all natural but also

processed using the Talalay method.

The TALALAY Production Process

A measured amount of slightly foamed latex is poured into a large fixed mould to only partially fill it. The lid is then sealed and the latex is expanded by vacuum to

completely fill the mold. As soon as the latex has filled the mould it is 'held' and prevented from collapsing by

rapidly dropping the temperature to -30C and freezing it solid.

At this point, carbon dioxide gas is passed through the latex and the temperature raised to 115C, which sets and

vulcanises it, after which the lid of the mould automatically opens, and the product is stripped and

placed on a conveyor. The latex block or pillow is transferred first through a washer to rinse out any

residual detergents and impurities before passing through a mangle to squeeze out the water.

The product then travels through a system of overhead dryers prior to reaching a physical testing station.

Every latex block is individually tested to ensure it meets the required specifications for density and

hardness, prior to despatch or conversion in to a mattress or pillow.

Just add a 2" super soft latex topper for an Ultra Plush feel. This item ships FedEx and is roll packed in heavy plastic.

Flaking and small tears may occur and are considered normal. This item is NOT covered and ships in the raw.

30 day satisfaction guarantee less all shipping costs.

When replacing existing foam or air core be sure to measure the cores height. It may be necessary to add at

least one 2" or 3" topper to achieve proper height for your zippered cover. This item is considered a replacement

component and not a completed mattress.

This item measures 60 x 80 in Queen, 53 x 74 in Full, 38 x 80 in TwinXL and 38 x 74 in Twin. You will need 2 TwinXL to equal 1 King size.