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Talalay Latex Pillows

Talalay Latex Pillows

Rejuvenite Latex Pillows aka Classic Latex Pillows

RejuveNite® brand by Latex International has been making state of the art sleep products from the highest quality latex foam rubber for now over thirty years. Although they are no longer called Rejuvenite due to the name change from Latex International to Talalay Global, the Rejuvenite pillow is now called High Profile Classic or Low Profile Classic but rest assured it's the same latex from the same molds. Washable zippered cover included.

Manufacturing highest state of the art latex pillows in the world takes a unique combination of experience, technology and intense desire to produce the best quality. Talatech talalay latex materials are used to produce products that feel uniquely resilient, plush, and comfortable. At Arizona Premium Mattress we are here to offer natural and healthy sleep solutions that enable you to wake up to refreshed days.

Rejuvenite latex pillows

Being both durable and flexible, our Talalay latex lasts for years and is virtually maintenance free although our covers are washable. These latex foam pillows never need fluffing! All of our products are built from natural materials and contain anti-microbial properties that protect your sleep environment from mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Their unique pillows and mattresses provide a luxurious feel by gently conforming to body contours while providing a naturally resilient and healthy sleep environment. Latex pillows are considered a personal item and are NON-RETURNABLE!

By Ken Hightower