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TwinXL Organic Cotton Zippered Mattress Cover

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This replacement organic cotton mattress cover will fit all standard size (38 x 80) TwinXL latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air beds or soft sided waterbeds. Some air beds will require a hole to be punched through the bottom of the cover to allow the tubes to fit. We do not cut the holes for you as there are many different designs of air beds and the location of the holes can vary. Please allow 2 weeks production lead time.

This TwinXL replacement organic cotton mattress cover comes in 6", 8", 9", 10", 12" configurations. Please select from the drop down box above "Add to Cart"

***By placing this order I agree that I have read and understand that the approved use for these replacement mattress covers is on all 100% latex mattress designs and pre-July 1st 2007 mattress designs that utilize a zippered cover. I agree that using them on any other type mattress I do so at my own risk knowing that they have not been tested and do NOT hold liable Arizona Premium Mattress Company for any damages caused by fire from the unapproved usage of these replacement mattress covers***